Are we home yet? memoir, Jacaranda Books (book)

'Don't mention class' in Common People: An anthology of working class memoir edited by Kit de Waal. Unbound (book)

Who are we now? (Pamphlet)

Tangled Roots: true life stories about mixed race Britain (book)

Life Writing in Troubled Times (blog commissioned by New Writing South)

Forty Years of Reading (festival-commissioned book celebrating 40 years of the Ilkley Literature Festival)

Jackie Kay: a poetic imagining of post-racial (be)longing, darkmatter (academic paper, journal)

You are not invited, ID on Tyne Press (poetry pamphlet)

'Morphea' in Skin, Route publications (book, anthology)

'Testimony' in Brown Eyes Troubadour (book, anthology)

'Secrets' in Sepia Souls (book, anthology) - ID on Tyne Press

Are we home yet? extract in Ex Plus Ultra (academic paper, journal)



Shortlisted SI Leeds Literature Prize

Shortlisted in Crocus Books/Commonword First Chapter competition

SHortlisted for Route publications ‘A Few Good Books’ submissions competition



I live in East Sussex but grew up in Leeds in the 1970s and 1980s.  After university, I moved to London and worked as a freelance financial journalist, writing short fiction and memoir in my spare time.

I was a journalist for 15 years before returning to education to do an MA in media and culture. I eventually completed a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. During my PhD I wrote down family’s story in my memoir Are we home yet? I also researched published memoirs, focussing on why some people’s lives are much less likely to be recorded, and lauded, than others.

Based on my research findings, I started projects designed to encourage non-writers to author their life stories. I particularly work with people whose lived experiences tend to be ignored by mainstream publishers commissioning well-known writers to publish alongside them (some of these writers are below).


Now, s well as my own books, I produce funded literature projects which honour everyday lives. These have included Tangled Roots, a unique anthology of memoir by over 30 members of mixed-race families, and Who are we now? a collection of first-person responses to the Brexit referendum and a post-European future. For more information on these, please see my BOOKS page.


If my biography looks familiar, it might be because an extract from Are we home yet? appeared in Kit De Waal’s anthology of working class writing Common People in 2019.

At the moment I am working on a novel set in the late 1970s in Leeds, right at the beginning of the Yorkshire Ripper’s crime spree.