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"Loved it. A gem!'"  Bernardine Evaristo

"Wonderful"  Louise Doughty

Through her brilliant writing Katy somehow manages to put you right beside her in the scenes that make up her fascinating life. Funny, pin-sharp and wise, Katy’s writing gets under your skin and right into your heart.” 

Kit De Waal

Spanning the years from 1930 to 2010, this is the moving and funny story of a girl and her mother.


As a girl, Katy accidentally discovers her mother is earning money as a sex worker at the family home, rupturing their bond. As an adult, Katy contends with grief and mental health challenges before she and her mother attempt to heal their relationship. From Canada, to Leeds and Jamaica, and exploring shame, immigration and class, the pair share their stories but struggle to understand each other’s choices in a fast-changing world.


By revealing their truths, can these two strong women call a truce on their hostilities and overcome the oppressive ghosts of the past?

“What I love about Katy’s writing is her diligence to emotional clarity, and her ability to find the humour in what to many of us would feel tragic. She balances personal experience with a wry sensibility so that what she has to say feels vital, and especially about the complexities of 21st century working-class women. It’s about time her voice was heard.”

Lisa Blower, author of Pondweed and It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s​


“Katy’s writing is unflinchingly honest and undeniably authentic. It is also funny, sharp and full of perfectly placed detail. She challenges our preconceptions whilst transporting us right into the middle of a world few of us have had a chance to see this clearly before.”


Sharon Duggal, author of Should We Fall Behind and The Handsworth Times

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